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Article: Finding Your Perfect Chain Length - A Manique Guide

Finding Your Peftect Chain Length

Finding Your Perfect Chain Length - A Manique Guide

Choosing the right chain length is key to maximizing your style. This in-depth guide from Manique covers how to measure your chest and consider factors like style and intent to determine the ideal chain length.

How to Measure for Your Perfect Chain

Use a soft measuring tape to accurately measure from the base of your neck to the center of your chest, As advised on our sizing guide page This length, in inches, will give you your starting point.

Next, consider if you want the chain to lay against your skin or hang lower. For the former, your chest length is ideal. For the latter, add 2-4 inches.

Measure just before fastening to allow room for the closure. And allow a little extra length if layering multiple chains.

Factors that Impact Ideal Chain Length

Your personal style and goals for the chain also impact the ideal length:

  • Formal events: Typically opt for longer chains that complement button-downs.
  • Everyday wear: Mid-length chains work well for t-shirts and casual shirts. Avoid going too long.
  • Layering: Include a couple of different lengths like 18” and 22” to create dimension.
  • Pendants: Leave enough slack for the pendant to hang comfortably without pulling the chain.
  • Bold statement: Try a long, low-hanging chain that draws the eye.
  • Delicate or short necklace: Keep it short enough to showcase without getting lost.

Chain Length Recommendations

Here are general recommended chain lengths for an array of men's styles:

  • Bold Statement Chain: 24 inches
  • Versatile Everyday Chain: 20-22 inches
  • Smart Business Chain: 18-20 inches
  • Layering Chains: 16-18" and 20-24" combo
  • Crew Neck or T-Shirt Chain: 16-18 inches

Of course, your body proportions can alter the recommendations. Use your chest measurement and style goals to zero in on the perfect functional chain length. Explore Manique's diverse collection of chains to find yours!

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