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Article: The Complete Guide to Men's Gold Chain Types and Styles

Men's Chains

The Complete Guide to Men's Gold Chain Types and Styles

Gold chains are timeless accessories that add sophistication to any man's wardrobe. This in-depth guide from jewelry experts here at Manique will explore popular gold chain styles, from substantial Miami Cuban links to intricate rope chains. Read on for an inside look at how to style these staple men's jewelry pieces.

Cuban Link Chains

Beloved for their bold, attention-grabbing links, Cuban link chains are a menswear staple. Originating in hip hop culture, this substantial chain is now a versatile classic. Cuban link chains come in varying widths, with the chunky 10mm version making a particularly striking statement. Pair with pendants for added flair.

Rope Chains

Rope chains offer character with their twisted, braided links. Often crafted in precious metals like yellow or white gold, these chains have a three-dimensional textured appearance. More understated 5mm-7mm widths work for daily wear, while bolder 10mm+ versions make more of a style impact.

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains provide visual interest with their flattened links in alternating sizes. This creates a distinctive "patterned" look. For subtle sophistication, opt for thinner 5mm Figaro chains. For bold impact, explore chunkier links or layer two together.

Tennis Chains

With petite uniformly sized links, the tennis chain has a refined, elite vibe. Tennis chains are measured in millimeters, with a 4mm width being a popular conservative choice. Let the 18"-22" gleaming gold links make the style statement alone or pair with pendants.

Cable Chains

The simple oval links of a cable chain offer straightforward versatility. Cable chains have a timeless, understated elegance perfect for daily wear. A 3mm-5mm width in yellow or white gold provides just enough polish without being showy.

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