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About Us


Hey you! You didn't get to this page by accident.

You're here because we are destined for each other. Style for you is not a thing
or a choice. Style is a must. Elegance is your DNA. Everyone sees that it comes naturally to you.

Man-ique was founded because uniqueness and quality have an
unbreakable bond. Our hearts and souls go into every piece of Man-ique jewelry.

Did you know that 75% of people think that well styled men are more successful than their casual colleagues in the the workplace? We, at Man-ique, know that you do... And that's why you're here! You have almost everything - but you're searching for that certain edge. You crave perfection and won't settle for less.

Man-ique is the element that completes your puzzle. We are here to add that extra bit of flair that will push you to the top. Our handcrafted pieces will simply be an extension of the unique you.
They will complete your Man-ique.
We promise.

Man-ique is the original designer of all our pieces, Sadly alot of new websites are copying our content and bringing out replicas of our well designed items at a lower quality with lower cost & extra long shipping (e.g. our Royal Collection) - Beware Of Copies.

So... don't waste another moment. Subscribe to the Man-ique newsletter and receive 10% off discount your initial purchase.
It's time to choose your favorite Bling. You deserve it!

Thank you for being our inspiration. We are here because of you - and we will continue to grow together!